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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Etsy Pick: Octopus Tattoo Tights

Ever woken up in one of those moods when you're bored of black opaques but it's nowhere near warm enough for bare legs? Want to jazz up those skin-coloured tights with a bold black tattoo or two? Say, of an octopus, peacock feathers, or butterflies, but without the funds, pain or commitment needed to make it a permanent decoration.

Now, I know these won't be to everyone's taste, but I'm absolutely besotted by these tights and stockings, from Tattoo Socks on Etsy. Guaranteed to get attention, they'll help you channel Tank Girl and Lara Croft but won't look like a costume. Imagine them with a chic black shift dress, and they're sure to get you some approving stares. They're 23uSD, and shipping to the UK is 2.8oUSD.

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