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Thursday 11 March 2010

Domestic Sluttery's Mums Take Over! Selina's Mum Introduces You To A New Corset Maker

When I told Mama Shoes (that's Julie to the rest of the world) that we were going to let our mums take over Domestic Sluttery, she actually squeed. It's a rare thing that makes her do that. Here, she tells you about something else that makes her squee - the lovely corsets made by her friend Gemma Grosvenor.

When I was told that because Mothers Day was fast approaching the lovely Domestic Sluts were going to let their mums have their say, I was so excited. Mainly because it provided me with the perfect chance to introduce you all to my very talented friend Gemma Grosvenor, who produces some of the most exquisite corsets I have ever seen.

Gemma first learnt to sew when she was 10, being taught by her mum before eventually going on to study Contour Fashion at De Montfort University where her love for corsetry was born.

Gemma's business venture is still in its fledging stage but she is busy building up her portfolio of designs and is happy to take on commissions, working with you to produce your own unique piece of divine underpinning. Gemma takes her inspiration from whatever grabs her and has an eye for the prettier things in life! Besides these beautiful corsets Gemma is also working on designing a range of dresses with a retro feel (think 1950s elegance).

For more information, you can contact Gemma at

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