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Thursday 18 March 2010

Cocktail Hour: The Old School Yard

I'm really quite tempted not to tell you all about The Old School Yard. It's perfect as a little secret in London Bridge, and I quite like it as it is thank you very much. After all, where else can you travel back in time and feel like you're in the school halls of Saved by The Bell? (That's a good thing, I promise). The bar is decked out like a school common room, and it's so so much fun. We had our birthday party here on Tuesday.

The bars we usually recommend are swanky and fancy. The Old School Yard is a little more 'low key', but believe me, that's a good thing. Because with low key, comes fun and silliness. Friendly bar staff that have a conversation with you, that dance about and drink shots with you just because. And they do some pretty nifty flaring moves as well. I tried. I dropped things. Oops.

It's the little retro touches that make this bar great. The video games (the boys at the party were very happy playing Mario Kart) and trashy music. I've had Hanson stuck in my head for the last two days. And the cocktails are fabulous too (and cheap, especially if you get there before happy hour finishes). They're one of the only places I know to do a decent pisco sour. Although don't try more than one of those in a night, you'll feel very queasy the next day. Whipped up egg whites do not make for a happy hangover. But here's a pre-hangover shot of the sluts all looking super pretty:

Everything about the Old School Yard is about silliness. Our birthday party was fabulous and we were very well looked after. But the service you get in here is the same whether you pop in on your own, or arrive with 100 of your closest friends. Bet you're dancing to Savage Garden after your first cocktail. And I'll bet you're still dancing there four hours later.

The Old School Yard
bar is on Long Lane in London Bridge (nearest tube is Borough). Happy hour last until 8pm when a cocktail will set you back £4.90, otherwise they're about £7. If you spot us in there, do challenge us to a game of Ninja Turtles, won't you?


  1. BEST BAR EVER. Love it there so much - the staff are so lovely and friendly!

  2. Shhhh! The Old School Yard has been my favourite drinking hole for ages now, and I don't want it to become too popular! :o(. I had my own birthday party there earlier this year.

    Sorry I missed the party - sounds like you had a blast!


  3. Ooh! We have friends in London Bridge but haven't ventured into the Old School Yard yet. Will try.

    P.S. Nice hair Siany!

  4. Thanks Kate! Do try the bar (just don't take everyone there at once and annoy Maggie!)

  5. Heading there this evening for the FIRST time... sounds as though I have been missing out! Good post, looking forward to it now :-)


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