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Monday 29 March 2010

Etsy Pick: 50s Picnic Dress by Make Me A Dress

This might be my perfect 50s dress. I absolutely adore everything about it. Make Me A Dress have done themselves proud with this one. They have some great frocks, but this is most definitely my favourite.

The shape! Oh my goodness the shape. It's ever so slightly rockabilly, but it still stays elegant. And despite my having issues with grey (I'm forever trying to find a shade that doesn't make me look washed out) I think this will be perfect. I love the red collar and little touches. I adore. I'm so utterly head over heels.

I wish I had $135 to buy it though. We're planning a Sluttery picnic in the summer (more on that soon) and this dress would just be perfect for rolling about on the grass. It's a 10-12, so if it'll fit you, go grab it.


  1. That's a gorgeous dress!

    I love that little red collar. Now I also need $135....

  2. Now I want them all. Gorgeous gorgeous dresses.

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! I love these!!!!

  4. If I only had more dollars and less pounds...!


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