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Monday 15 March 2010

Shopping Heaven: Rob Ryan's Ryantown

The Rob Ryan shop, Ryan Town, isn't the easiest shop to get to. In fact, from Sluttery HQ it's a train, and underground ride and a bus journey away. And as with most of the shops on Columbia Road, they're only open on weekends. But, Alex S and I had a nose about yesterday at all of the pretty.

Everything Rob Ryan-y you could hope for is packed into this tiny little shop. The tiles are my favourite, but they didn't have any of the design I wanted, so I bought a card instead and saved myself some pennies.

But, I do love the tiles. Except the one about stealing buttons, that one is quite creepy.

I hadn't seen the keys properly before as they've never popped up on Rob's Etsy shop, but they're really very cute. £20 if I remember rightly. The come in coloured acrylic too:

And of course, then there's the cushions:

Everything in the shop is so beautifully made. Sure, it's expensive, but each piece is so special. You only need one to brighten your day. I'm off to find a special little place for my card.

Ryan Town is at 126 Columbia Road, E2 7RG. Open Saturday from 12-5 and Sunday 9-4.

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