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Friday 4 March 2011

Folksy Find: SewYou Gadget Cases

It’s a constant paradox: I love my modern, tech-happy iPhone, but then I also really really love my big red rotary-dial retro phone. It’s just not practical to carry that around in my handbag all day, and would be useless in a crisis. “Call an Ambulance you say? I’m onto it! Just give me about a week to dial.”

I’m just going to have to compromise with this “Inspector Calls” gadget case from SewYou. I love the amount of detail on the phone face, and the little button closure is a cute touch.

It’s practical too: there’s a handy pocket on the back for my earphones, and the case is padded to protect my phone from the other junk in my handbag, and all the times I manage to chuck it on the floor when I forget I can’t multi-task. £17 well spent (plus £2 shipping).

This was a post by our trainee Domestic Slut, Laura Vickers.

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  1. That's very cute! I also like the Floral Nora one. I think I might be too lazy to do up and undo the button tho. (I know, LAZY, but I have to be realistic about these things!)


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