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Friday 4 March 2011

Royal Mail musicals stamps

Much to my chagrin, I hardly ever mail anymore. Six years of working online has meant that my handwriting has deteriorated to a sort of written primordial soup, so I tend to make phone calls, send emails or just text instead.

So, when I *do* pop a letter, a card or a thank you note in the mail, I like it to look seriously special. Right down to the stamps. And how gorgeous are these musicals stamps from Royal Mail?

I adore musicals anyway, but these are really beautiful posters too. I can’t stand Queen, but that We Will Rock You stamp is so desirable that it makes me want to sprint back to my flat and play a guitar solo on my roof à la Brian May.

I’m disappointed they didn’t choose my beloved Phantom but hey-ho – just the thought of being able to personalise an envelope with musical theatre is a real treat.

The whole set is £5.52 from the Royal Mail website.

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