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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Hidden Art Shop's Hanitapes

One day, we'll end up writing about CD paraphernalia and become all nostalgic about that. (Have you seen the adverts for getting rid of all your old CDs? I'm not ready for this yet! Am I the only person who still buys CDs?) But until HMV have well and truly gone from our high streets, I'm still going to be reminiscing about the mixtape and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

This latest offering is actually from Haniboi at Hidden Art Shop, and as predictable as I am, I can't resist it. I want to keep my Oyster card and (over-used) credit cards in a rubber mixed-tape. So much better than my tatty ol' card holder. Hanitapes are just £12.95 and I want the grey one, just for an extra dose of 90s fun.

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