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Monday 18 November 2013

12 Ways To Celebrate 50 Years Of Doctor Who In Style!

Are we all excited about Saturday? No, not because the planets have aligned and we get The X Factor, Strictly and Celebs Arsing About In The Jungle ALL in one night. Much more important: The Day Of The Doctor will have finally arrived! We've been teased and mini-episoded to breaking point, but the end is in sight! Let's celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who in style!

First up, you're going to need food and drink, and you're going to have to look suitably Whovian while you're at it. We've got the first part covered - this week, we'll be bringing you an amazing array of Who-themed recipes, so keep your eyes peeled every day for our latest offerings. And this Fourth Doctor apron is £15.99 from TruffleShuffle, and much less hazardous than trying to cook in Tom Baker's actual scarf (try this 13-foot replica if you're up for the challenge). 

Make your recipe notes with these David Tennant-era Doctor Who pencils, featuring some of his most famous phrases. They're £3 from La La Land, a shop we've already got a lotta love for

And if Matt Smith's your fave, don't worry - he's got his own set of pencils, too.

Obviously you're going to want a few decorations around the house. This TARDIS vs. Dalek salt and pepper set is pretty awesome AND practical. Lakeland also has a whole host of disposable Doctor Who party paraphernalia. Ain't no party like a Time Lord party, right? 

You should definitely be drinking tea from these stylish Doctor Who mugs. Make a pot, why don't you?

And obviously you need some Doctor Who cookie cutters from Lakeland to whip up some tasty biscuits. We're already massive fans of their Dalek cake mould!  


I don't think your guests will mind at all if you slip into something more... DEADLY. Get your Dalek dressing gown on before the action starts. 

Washing up afterwards will be a lot more fun when there's the promise of Dalek drying and TARDIS tea-towelling. These are £18 for two from the Science Museum Shop

Maybe you're going to the cinema to watch The Day Of The Doctor in spectacular 3D. You'll need to be dressed appropriately. This TARDIS bag is made to order, alas, so it's not going to be here in time - but a girl can dream, right? It's the work of Toronto-based Etsy seller The Mad Boy With A Box, and it's a whopping price, but oh-so-good. 

Remember that time Matt Smith found a piece of the TARDIS and was filled with doom? (That's the basic summing-up of that episode. Other shit went down, too.) Well, here is that piece in necklace form. Wear it if you want a lot of admiration and knowing looks from fellow Whovians, who will be impressed at your very specific choice of jewellery. If you're after something less niche, go for an acrylic TARDIS or Dalek necklace

Once the fun of Saturday is over, we still have the Christmas episode to look forward to! Better snap up these baubles for your tree, stat. They're £10.99 each, but they are hand-painted glass, y'know. Don't drop them. The TARDIS won't actually fly about. 

TARDIS FAIRY LIGHTS! Unfortunately, I can only find these in America - they're $19.99 (just over £12) on ThinkGeek, with the cheapest shipping option being around $10 (about £6). Remember, though, that they're from the States, and you'll need something to change the voltage in this country. 

Finally, send a chic and stylish Christmas card to your fellow Whovians this year. All our favourites are here - the Daleks, K9, there's even an Ood - each with a subtle snowflake background to signify CHRISTMAS. They're £9.99 for a pack of six, and according to the BBC website are only being released today. Be quick if you want them!  

How will you be celebrating this Saturday? 


  1. Oh, I love the TARDIS bag so much. I really also really like to decorate my entire Christmas tree with little Daleks. They're as festive as glittery angels.

  2. There's a fab event in London next weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary - a 50th anniversary mass Whovian wedding. I'm not kidding!

    I was very excited to be asked to produce jewellery for the event, so have made up lots of pieces for the couples. The event's website is

  3. I have SO much love for this post!!

    If anyone buys the Christmas tree baubles, be aware that they're heavier than the average bauble by LOTS. I will be buying a sturdier (more expensive) tree this year so that I can proudly show off my geek credentials :)


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