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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Lovely Snuggily Pyjamas (You'd be happy to be seen in)

LE GASP! The utterly unheard of has just happened to me, I have run out of pyjamas. In Winter.

Two years ago I had at least three full sets of snuggily PJs plus an enviable collection of bed shorts, tees and slipper socks. But time and wear and a devastating lack of pyjama-based presents last Christmas means that this has been a month of chilly, uncomfortable bedtimes and embarrassing weekend mornings when the postman rings the doorbell at some ungodly hour and catches me still snoozing. So the time has come to go looking for something a little bit special. I am rather in love with all the PJs available from Cyberjammies at ASOS, the gorgeous set above is actually sold as separates so you can mix and match your favourites, both the top and bottoms are £22.50 each.

Oh my god she only has half a head! Rather apt when you realise that those nifty PJs are actually covered in...

Teeny Tiny Gingerbread Men! So festively adorable! I love these Rampant Sporting pyjamas from John Lewis so much, almost enough to swallow the £55.00 price tag.

Oh pretty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, what is it like being you? Well, apparently it's like lounging around wearing silky slinky pyjamas in very brown rooms. A strange way to pass time but if you'd like to replicate it, these lovely blackcurrant pjs are £35 from M&S.

Even though she looks rather chilly (note the "Brrrr" pose) I'm a little in love with how soft these H&M PJs look, plus these babies would be good in winter (with big fat slouch socks) and summer. They're a very reasonable £14.99 and also available in pink, if you like that sort of thing.

Oh Topshop, so many times I convince myself to pass through your sparkly doors, only to be rudely awoken to the fact that I have just become Too Old And Sensible for most of your wares. But what is this? A lovely, soft and slouchy pyjama cami set for £28 with not a silly printed statement or neon Aztec print in sight. I'm also irrevocably in lust with their regal looking black polka pyjamas as well, these are so the sleeping wear of a Princess.

Despite my inability to keep any white clothes white, I still want these amazing Tiger print PJs from River Island so very much, top and bottom are sold separately for £15 each, so I could mix them up with the awesome coral skull PJs as well, easier to hide those late night cocktail stains.

Oh ho hum, these pyjamas bottoms are only black and white? So what? So what if I revealed that these PJs GLOW IN THE DARK?! Yes for £20 (plus £3.95 delivery) from David and Goliath these little tasty dark side cookies will glow their toasty goodness, probably not enough to light your way for a midnight loo run, possibly enough to keep your other half/cats awake all night. Totally worth it.

Bunnies! But not your average cute fluffy, wuffy bunnies (these PJ bottoms are from Anthropologie after all) no these are cool arty bunnies with style, like Jessica Rabbit in a beret smoking a clove cigarette and for £38 all that cool can be yours.

For those of you who remember when My Little Ponies looked like... well actual ponies, these bed shorts are for you! The 6 year old in me is doing cartwheels at the thought of these adorable shorts, but said she was also known to wear neon orange and hot pink striped leggings with Minnie Mouse's face on them so what does she know? No matter I still love these and for £17 they will be mine, oh yes they will be mine.


  1. I love the little shorts! But you're right, she looks a bit chilly. Tigers for me!

  2. After years of suffering half-mast pyjama bottoms, I've twigged that men's pyjamas are longer, so that's what I'm wearing these days! If only they were as pretty and colourful as some of these lovely ones you've picked out.

    P xx

  3. I love these. GAP have also got some great PJs in at the moment too.

  4. I just did my own blog post on my recent pyjama purchases. I'm a big fan of Fat Face for pjs - this year they have reindeer and snowflake pyjama bottoms (bought them both).

  5. Is it just me or are those River Island ones definitely not tigers? When you zoom on the website they are spotted in the manner of leopards/cheetahs, not strpied!!!


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