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Friday 22 November 2013

The Day of the Doctor Recipe Round Up

You've probably noticed that we've been getting pretty damn excited about The Day of the Doctor - BBC's 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who (you haven't? Have you been reading The Goldfinch and thus lost all contact with society for the last week?). We're loving the Google doodle - don't click that link if you've still got work to do - and we've even done our own feature on brilliant Doctor Who goodies. But you know the best way to celebrate something this exciting is with enough food to feed a small Whovian army. Here's a round up of all of our Doctor Who-themed recipes from this week.

Obviously, every Doctor Who celebration is going to be better with a gingerbread TARDIS. It lights up! The fonts are all factually correct! It's bigger on the inside!

Thymey Winey Doctor Stew. Time is "like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... stuff". Or in this case, thymey winey stuff. This is the perfect tea for settling down in front of the telly on Saturday night. 7:50PM, remote control-wielding Time Lords.

Dalek bread. Dalek? Bread? Dalek bread? Yep, we've taken the classic French fougasse bread and turned it into a dalektable treat. Exterminate! With your face.

Purple celery canapes. Remember Peter Davison? He always had a stick of celery in his lapel that turned purple when danger approached. So we've created purple celery canapes with a grape jelly and Waldorf dressing (no Waldorfs were harmed in the making of these canapes).

'Fish Finger' and custard trifle. They're not really fish fingers. They're sponge fingers that we've cunningly disguised in tribute to Eleven's favourite food. It tastes nice, no seafood was involved in the making of this, BECAUSE IT'S A BLOODY TRIFLE. We can't be too sure about the contents of the Greggs' offering.

Mince pie bow tie twists. We don't want to play favourites with our Doctors that's a lie, we obviously do, but we do like Matt Smith's bow ties. So we've made them tasty. And festive. And now we've got pastry crumbs down our tops.

Rose's pistachio time vortex cakes in honour of one of our favourite Doctor's assistants. These time vortex cakes are gluten free, because a time vortex obviously doesn't contain gluten. Don't be silly.

Banana daiquiri split. We couldn't have a Doctor Who week without a banana daiquiri making an appearance. Always take a banana to a party. Bananas are good. FONDANT FEZ DEFINITELY NOT OPTIONAL.

The Sonic Screwdriver. Of course, no 50th anniversary celebration would be complete without a cocktail. Since we've turned the famed banana daiquiri into a pudding, a Sonic Screwdriver was the obvious choice. Vodka, glow in the dark ice cubes and popping candy. Unfortunately we couldn't magic up David Tennant to pour it for you.

Now you've got everything you need for a bloody brilliant Day of the Doctor party and you didn't even invite us over to sit on your sofa. Do leave a comment telling us what you're up to for the big day so we know which parties to gatecrash.

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