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Thursday 14 November 2013

Sluttishly Vintage: Hibernating Vintage Style

Brrr ... this month's vintage column is really feeling the cold. While I covered some pretty stylish coats in the Love Story inspired post, this month I have no intention of leaving the house. I'm under the duvet, dreaming of a time when I can next get out the swimsuit. So, if you want to hibernate, how can you do it and retain something of your vintage sensibilities? 

Well, for starters, older vintage clothes were made for colder times, for houses without central heating. And some of them are really quite lovely. I've a woollen red skater dress that becomes my favourite dress about this time every year, but I'm equally charmed by the two dresses above, a 50s plaid wool dress and a 60s blanket dress (how good does a blanket dress sound?). And this pink tulip dress is also a very pretty option.

To really hibernate, you'll need some excellent knitwear. Now here the problem isn't quantity - it's finding stuff you actually want to wear. The huge selections on Beyond Retro and ASOS Marketplace can be frightening places to search through. I try and go for more unusual patterns, like the lovely leaf motif on this 40s jumper for example, or glamorous 50s-esque embellished cardigans.

Or the Scandi-style jumper is a classic that will always be around for winter wear and can be found in a wide range of colours for not very much money at all.

And by buying some repro designs you're guaranteed to find something classy, such as the examples above, though that can come at a price.

To really try and keep yourself warm authentically, you could try one of these ceramic bed warmers as an alternative to your hot water bottle - they're £30 each. Not sure I fancy one in my bed, but perhaps one for the sofa?

I will be layering up my sofa with as many blankets as possible, such as this 1970s crochet number from Kitty's Vintage Emporium which is only £12.99. H is for Home have some cosy looking examples in stock too, including this gorgeous bedspread for £85.

However, for the prettiest selection of quilts and bedspreads, I love the selection at Vintage Home. How nice would your bed look in this 1930s roses quilt? It's priced at £65.

No hibernation for me would be complete without a ready supply of coffee to keep me merry and caffeinated - I've got my eye on something like this red enamel coffee set. When I asked Sian about what would aid her winter nesting, her answer was instant: hot chocolate! So I've found her these French 1970s chocolate cups on Etsy, £20.49 with postage to the UK for just under a tenner. Though I was also very tempted to show you this Bertie Bassett cup, one of the retro designs in stock at At Home with Super Jones's Etsy shop and suitable for holding your winter drink of choice.

For entertainment, perhaps looking out the window would be a bit more fun with Ladybird's What To Look For In Winter book? It's £6 from The OK Corral.

It's also time to bust out the games. In an era before Cards Against Humanity, I'm sure these 1930s Airedale Terrier playing cards provided as many hours of amusement. They're £18 from Vintage Home. And I'm also intrigued by the possibilities offered by this 1950s 'careers' board game.

Finally, cheese. Every winter has to be made better through the power of melted cheese. I've found the fondue saucepan, the fondue forks and even the recipe book. Now can someone bring me several decades worth of cheese? I'm planning on staying in.

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