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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Tall Girl Treat: Colourful Shoes For Grey Days

What do you do to cheer yourself up in rubbish weather? Bright colours always make me feel 5000x better. I've got three pairs of fantastic shoes that always cheer me up, not least because getting ridiculously bright shoes in a size 9 feels like a major achievement.

Even with all the options now available to us, shopping can be a real arse when you've got large feet. Whether it's having to order in your size to the store, or only being able to buy them online, it's annoying.

The worst one is a problem that affects all areas of clothes, and that's a lack of parity on sizing. So, in this round up of incredibly cheerful shoes, I've detailed how they fit, if they're a weird-sounding size. Rain - tedious! Colour - the very antithesis of tedium! A round-up of scrumptiously uplifting shoes it is then.
I didn't know Kurt Geiger did larger sizes. As a result, I have a vast, unmanageable crush on these Sofly heels. They're £95 and go up to a 42 which my friend Hayley, who is currently sporting a very fetching pair of KG boots, assures me fits her 9s perfectly.

Irregular Choice is knocking it out of the park with their flats at the moment. They've got some really fun things in, including these Veja Du, which come with clips for you to customise.

They're £109 and also come in hot pink, and their 43s fit my 9s very nicely.

Sweetie coloured heels = YES PLEASE

Crispin's current run of their Hay Lyric is running low on larger sizes, but there are still 9s, 9.5s and 10s knocking around for £99.95 each (disguised in European sizing).

Back in the dark days of 2006 when pretty much all there was was trainers I lived in character dance shoes from eBay.

I love a T-bar, and I love a fabric mix. These lovely Sanguin t-bars from Hush Puppies also come in black and lilac and cost £70 (up to a 9).

Hush Puppies have also done a new season twist on their ever-popular Freya with their Lonna Mary Janes: this letterbox red is fabulous. Size 10s are still available in most colour ways, and they cost £65.

(Side note: I can't decide whether these flats are grannyish or amazing. Maybe both!)

I lived in the red version I had of these last year - lovely shape, great bow, generally all fun. Snap up the last size 42 (9) pairs of these Oldfield flats from DUO for £50.

More pumps! These £39 ones from Tall Girls come in six colours and go all the way to 11. Just like Nigel Tufnel's amp.

"Why not make 10 bigger?"

"These go to 11."

Yet another thumping great shoe crush (only going up to a 9 this time, soz, and also costing £155 - major apolz). Russell and Bromley are just -  ahhh. And their Chester tassel loafer is just - ohhhh.

Especially in red. I really like red. Can you tell?
These are my cheer-up shoes! Irregular Choice, Upper Street, and the sadly-closed Amber & Jade. Total joy. Have you got a particularly cheering pair of shoes? Let us know where you got them from.

And if you want some more inspiration, try out our size 9 to 13 shoe guide.


  1. Shoes!

    These are my red boots of awesome:
    Size 9 DM boots. Some, but not all, DM 9s fit my size 9.5 feet really well. And some don't.

    1. Totally brilliant - red FTW! Great fine PWF.

  2. Oh no! Amber & Jade! I remember writing about them winning their Natwest award. That's really sad, they were Greenwich celebrities.

    1. It's such a shame. I've had brilliant shoes from A&J, so fingers crossed they come back roaring in the new year.

    2. I have no doubt that they'll go on to do brilliant and stylish things.


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