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Tuesday 26 November 2013

A Warm Hand for Winter's Best Gloves and Mittens

It's always about this point in the year when my body remembers how many more months of cold it has got to get through. We've dealt with this winter's best scarves and coats with hoods, so it's surely now time for me to tackle those freezing fingers. There are loads of different styles to pick from and - as we've got around 150 more days of this to go - I see no problem with getting a brand new pair, or five.


Well, Pomber gloves are probably already the animal overlords of this particular category, but as a change from the woodland theme, I'd like to suggest these charming penguin mittens, available for £24 from People Tree. And, if you liked their polar bear scarf I wrote about last week, there's more happy news in the form of these polar bear mittens. In fact, you could probably have a zoo's worth of animal themed gloves if you'd fancied - look at these catswan and alligator designs too.


There's something always cheering about a stripe, especially as when they come in such a colourful form as Accessorize's luxe pop stripe glove, with no less then seven colours to marvel upon. And the fact they are only £15 is quite cheering too. For more mighty stripes, take a peek at these ASOS mittens or these lovely long Gap gloves.


Black and white would look so chic with a new burgundy duffle coat. This pair of black and white leopard gloves is uber cheap too - only a fiver from Dorothy Perkins. To see more things in black and white, People Tree's rose mittens are blooming marvellous, as are Donna Wilson's delightful pointy mitts. And I've got monster love for ASOS's ridiculous faux fur pair.


If you prefer your gloves to conjure up images of Grace Kelly-style perfection, head straight to Accessorize. Hands down they've got the most ladylike selection around, including the suede and vent gloves pictured, which are £20, or a wool pair with a bow, and gloves with gorgeous scallop and button detailing as well. French Connection have a luxurious-looking leather pair in stock too, or you can go all dainty thanks to Debenhams and this button-detailed pair.


My favourite weapon in the battle again grey winter days and dark nights: colour! This haircalf bow pair from Banana Republic is definitely making me think pink. Hopefully it's so bright, I'll remember not to leave them on the bus this time. They are £49.50 and, handily (not a deliberate pun, for once) available in a number of sizes to fit larger or smaller paws. For colourful woollen alternatives, try Banana Republic again for this colourblock pair,  Jo Gordon's range at Liberty is lovely, or go all designer fancy with this Paul Smith pair, currently reduced at ASOS.


Like the jumpers, like the scarf, it's hard to escape a Nordic-style knit. It's pretty hard to resist them too, when they are as charming as Lowie Winter Forest mittens, £45 from Swanfield Boutique. I'm almost equally in love with the Icelandic mittens in stock at Hannah Zakari. Of the many alternatives available, a couple of nice cheaper options are A Wear's classic gloves or fingerless pair at Urban Outfitters.


This is where being an ace knitter or crocheter comes in handy - or at least cosying up to one and getting them to perform to your instructions. Fancy stitches make the plainest of gloves look appealing. Cheap Monday's mega mittens have a brilliant cartoonish quality, as well as a brilliant name. They're £18.50 from ASOS. I'm also admiring the stitch work on this pair from Gap and this one from Topshop, and promising that I will have finally taught myself to knit by this time next year. As usual.


Yes, muffs. Do you think the great British public is ready for a muff revival yet? Well, this Anastasia faux fur muff from Collectif looks quite charming, and quite toasty too for £25. Topshop are also getting in on the act, but have elected to call it a 'handwarmer', rather than a muff. Oh Topshop, I didn't know you were that prim but, frankly, if it'll keep my hands frostbite free for the next few months, you can call it whatever the hell you want.


  1. No capped mittens or gloves which work with smart phones?

    1. Hi Bagpuss, my list was getting quite lengthy so I had to edit down quite a lot! ASOS seemed to have the best selection for smart phones - these Esprit ones are cute:

      Somewhat surprisingly, there were loads less capped mittens than I've seen in previous years. Accessorize probably had the best selection:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks, I actually prefer capped mittens to the smart phone ones as being able to get back much of the manual dexterity (and importantly crisp eating ability) by uncovering finger tips is better than just having splogy contact with my phone


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