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Thursday 14 November 2013

Incredibly S****ing Sweary Pencils


So - did you get your sweary notebook? Excellent! Then it's time to invest in a seriously sweary pencil set to go alongside it.

These bloody rude pencils are £5.99 for a set and new in at Firebox. My pencil sharpening senses are AFLAME!

It is important to remember this mantra during times of stress, general annoyance, or Mondays. It really could be worse. Although that was difficult to remember when I took my contacts out, went to get my glasses, could not find my glasses, and then had to stumble around like blind Frankenstein's monster groaning sadly.

(You can preorder these, and they will be in store shortly.)


Raise that fist. Raise it! Now, celebrate your amazingness/the amazingness of whatever it is you are celebrating, probably a Jennifer Lawrence gif, and then write about it neatly in this 2B pencil afterwards.

And I like you. Thank you ever so much.

These Reservoir Dogs pencils aren't sweary of themselves, but a) the colours! The sheer style of the black and the colours! And the correct formatting of Mr. and b) there is so much swearing in the film that I like to think you would choose your pencil according to how much and what sort you would like to channel. They're also £5.99 for the set.

Want more? If this still isn't enough swear for your cash, try Laura B's awesome sweary pencil finds from The Curious Pancake.

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