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Thursday 21 November 2013

The Cutest Crustaceans for Your Kitchen

I've found myself cooing over some very odd things in the past - microbes, for example, and kidneys. But I never thought I'd be charmed by a lobster. They just don't have the same obvious appeal as say, owls. Or foxes. Or even unicorns.

It started with Macon & Lesquoy's lobster brooch, now I want the things all over my kitchen. Can you blame me when you can buy things as cute as the above lobster oven glove, £15 from Urban Outfitters? My floral number doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

I'd also, naturally, like to get my claws on this lobster nutcracker. Made from aluminium, it's £19.99 from Zara Home. Or I'm tempted to attach it around my mobile for a DIY version of Dali's telephone. No?

Lobsters even feature on some of Thornback and Peel's ever-classy printed textiles. This linen tea towel is £12.95.

If you've got enough tea towels (where do they all come from?), you can pick up a box of napkins, or even a matching apron.

I think I'd probably get more use out of this Sea Gam bottle opener, £14 from Anthropologie. It's by Brooklyn artist Perry Gargano who has also made this every bit as sea-inspired and every bit as useful pelagic corkscrew.

Though not technically kitchenware, what room in a house could fail to be enhanced by this moving crab claw pen, only £4 from Hannah Makes Things? Oh, and if I wanted a matching card, this design from nineteenseventythree would definitely be the one.

Need any more reasons that lobsters rock? How about this?

If only I could find that record player!


  1. Ooh I love the napkins. They would go lovely with my coasters and mussel bowls that I found here.. - also worth a mooch :)

  2. Not for the kitchen but this appeared in my Pinterest feed earlier.... amazing!

    1. Oh my, they are marvellous. I'd love one but definitely not to wear in the kitchen!


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