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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Plus Size Picks: Boots For Wide Calves

This week's plus size picks post is a little bit different to usual, but it will hopefully tackle a problem I know a lot of women face: finding boots that fit! Knee highs can be particularly tricky if you need a wider calf fitting, but ankle boots can be just as bad; I've struggled for years to get styles that will zip up on my odd-shaped ankles! The problem is, though brands that sell by calf size do exist, they don't come cheap. It may end up being a small price to pay for a perfect fit, but there are cheaper options too. To help you navigate the plethora of different options, I've picked some of my favourite boots for wider calves (and a note to those who have the opposite problem - a lot of these brands sell styles in narrow widths too).

Let's kick off with Duo, who have been featured on Domestic Sluttery many times before and are a favourite for their high quality fabrics. They offer a huge range of boots in a massive range of calf widths and fits, and there will definitely be something in the range to suit. Prices start at about £100, with these bestselling Beech boots coming in at £160 (also in black). I like that Duo make a lot of more simple, streamlined boots and heels, where other wide calf styles tend to be flat and chunky as a rule.

Dropping down to a lower price point, Evans offers most of their styles in wide or extra wide fit, which takes into account calf, ankle and foot for an all-round better fit. These black studded riding boots are £65. They're not leather (veggies rejoice!) but there are plenty of other styles that are if you prefer. They're particularly good for biker boots.

If you fancy something with a bit more bling, these ankle boots from Simply Be (£68) come in a EEE fit that gives plenty of room, plus the buckles will give a little more wiggle room if needed. I love how the gold heel and toecap would poke out from under a pair of jeans. Beware, though, I have some boots with similar buckles and people know I'm coming from the jingle!

The stretch inserts and lace-up back of these leather wide calf boots from Curvissa (£105) mean you can really tailor the perfect fit where you need it. As a bonus, they're available up to a size 10, and there are also selected half size available too for those of us who could do with that extra half inch.

Can't decide between knee high boots or shorter ones? With these you can have both! It's a shame they only come in pale grey at the moment, which is likely to get grubby quickly, but these convertible boots from The Shoe Tailor are a massive bargain at £30, and they come in loads of fits and calf widths. If you want the most possible options for your money, these are definitely worth considering, especially if your look is generally quite casual.

For those on a tight budget, New Look's wider fit range doesn't cater for all calf widths, but the elastic in these boots means they'll probably fit a lot more than some of the other styles in the range. Plus, at under £25 they're a lot cheaper than some of the other options, and New Look footwear tends to be pretty comfy given the low cost. These babies also come in black.

Hopefully that gives you a good cross-section of what's available at a range of budgets, but if you know of great places other DS readers should know about, do share in the comments. Don't forget to check out all our coverage of footwear in larger sizes (which often come in wider widths too) and, of course, our petite feet rundown too!


  1. You guys are dangerous! Boots ordered from Curvissa. Am intrigued

  2. Ooh! Report back and let me know how they are!

  3. Oh my gosh! Those transforming boots come in purple! And up to a 10!
    I'll be right back....

    1. How did I miss that?! This is EXCELLENT news!

  4. Thank you for this! The Shoe Tailor is a revelation!! Just ordered these stunners:,size:

    All my shoe / boot problems solved. Thank you!!

  5. Oo oo request! Please please pretty please help those of us suffering from the opposite problem. I usually get looks of pure scorn when complaining that I can't find boots slim enough for my calves: "oh you poor thing. And do you also have too many clothes and too shiny hair?" But honestly, all the loveliest boots look like terrible wellies on me. No, not even good wellies. Terrible ones.
    And don't even talk to me about Duo. I've tried. Yes their calves are wonderfully slim. BUT they don't adjust the fit of the ankle correspondingly. What is going on with that? Who has legs that shape, Duo? Find me ONE person. Baggy ankles? No, Duo, no. It simply won't do.

  6. also check out


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