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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Middling Piddling: Must Have Midi Skirts

 ASOS Beige Check Midi Skirt

People think the middle is a bad place to be: The middle child, middle of the road, middling? But there's nothing average about this autumn's midi length skirts. Take ASOS lady at the top here, she's looks like we just caught her popping out of her fabulous New York apartment to take a long autumnal walk in Central Park where she'll bump into a handsome man. Many hilarious and unbelievable misunderstandings will ensue only to be wrapped up with a big happy ending bow. All because she wore this uber stylish skirt (with pockets I might add) and not her ratty jeans. That's right, for £40 all this happiness can be yours! (I lie, you'll probably need the boots too.)

 ASOS Statement Check Midi Skirt

ASOS continue to hit it out the mid-length park with this incredible checked beauty, also rocking with pockets. It's slightly more at £55 but I forever live in hope that it'll stay in stock long enough to make it to the sales. 

American Apparel Sand Midi Skirt

While I intensely dislike some of the items available from American Apparel (these shorts have no place in my world thank you), I have to admit that when it comes to finding the basics in every shade under the sun, they're winning. This floaty little number may only be left in this colour but, no matter, it is also half price at only £24.

 H&M Textured Midi Skirt

I love a skirt with a bit of oomph and the fabric on this H&M one (for £34.99) is gorgeous, makes the model look like an adorably stylish bell.

 Phase Eight Green Jacquard Midi Skirt

Ok so this may not officially be midi length but I'm a short arse so I'm letting it in, especially as this green is my all time favourite colour. As Santa Claus was originally dressed in a green suit (before Coca Cola got their hands on him) I imagine Ms Claus sashaying about their log cabin swigging martinis and throwing happening parties in this skirt from Phase Eight. And as an early Christmas present to you it's reduced from £79 down to £39.

 Dorothy Perkins Neutral Check Midi Skirt

This Dorothy Perkins skirt looks so swishy! It's clearly a respectable office skirt by day but come 5pm it's swinging all over the dance floor, possibly doing a jive, maybe a sultry lambada. Screw it for £28, it could be the macarena and it would still look good. 

Coast Rita Midi Skirt

Annnd finally from Coast, is this not the most glamorous skirt ever? Pair it with a simple top and holy crapoly I have myself a mini ball gown for all those award ceremonies and after parties I'll definitely be invited to. It is a little over my budget at £125 but it can go on my wish list along with some Louboutins and a robot butler.


  1. Shudder... I have a real issue with mid-length skirts reminding me of the 'things' that my mother wore from Laura Ashley in the early 80s. However, some of these are quite nice. Even more astounding though is American Apparel's use of a model who isn't a size 6. Kudos to Miss Normal-figure there, even if she has been put into a rather questionable selection of clothing (crop top and pink slingbacks??!).

  2. I have just bought the black H&M bell affair, and oh my goodness I love it, but already being of a hip-py nature, I'm a little unsure if it makes me look like I'm smuggling a rubber ring under there?! As a 14, I am lucky enough to have a waspish little waist, which i'm happy enough to show off, but when I tried it on with my black crop top, it all looked, well, a bit black... Any suggestions? The pockets are a godsend, by the way x


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