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Friday 8 November 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Fever, French Connection & Jump From Paper

All the world's a sale, and all the dresses, shoes, and bags merely a fraction of their original price.

Shakespeare later rewrote this line; a misguided move if you ask me. He'd have been way more popular if he'd stuck with shopping.


Louche Duchess dress, £24 (was £49), Joy

Louche has taken the humble chevron stripe and dialled it up to 11 by making theirs zig-zaggy. Show-offs. They've also gone for a pleasingly 70s-bus-upholstery colour scheme (and I mean that in a wholeheartedly complimentary way - bus upholstery was much better in the 1970s. I know, because I was alive for 2½ months of that decade, and the memory of bus upholstery is still VIVID).

This dress is part of the wonderful 'More Fash, Less Cash' deal that Joy are running at the moment, so go and have a nosy at what else is on offer. Your discount will be applied at the checkout, and there's up to £30 off selected styles. *thumbs*

Giraffe print dress, £47.99 (was £59.99), Fever

Here is my thought process when I saw this Fever dress:

That dress is a nice colour.

Very flattering shape.

The pattern looks a bit like the cross-hatching on a manhole cover. 

I like this dress.


I love giraffes.

I love this dress.



Mixed Media heels, £49.95 (was £138), Anthropologie

I adore this shoe (and I'd probably adore its partner if I could see it) so much I would like to live in it. I just want to curl up and be cocooned in glitter and plum-coloured suede and wood and fabulousness. If I buy it in a big enough size, I can use it as a chaise longue, right?

Lollie wedges, £20 (was £50), Oasis

Hello, Lollie! A non-platform wedge is quite a rare thing these days (although I once said that about top boxes on cars, and then counted 16 in a row on the motorway), therefore we should seize our buying opportunities when we can. These look strokeable, like a little pet, but cheaper to feed.


Jump From Paper Cheese! bag, £34 (was £84), Fab

Remember when Sara (third mention in three weeks; highest of fives) frenzied us all up by writing about Jump From Paper's amazing, mind-boggling, eye-befuddling bags? I've been waiting patiently for this day ever since. The day when I FOUND A CHEAP ONE! Yes, Fab has this Cheese! bag on sale for just £34 - a £50 saving, arithmetic fans! - and I for one will be snapping it up.

Westbourne bag, £32.50 (was £65), French Connection

No other bag could compete with the one we've just seen, but if looking like you're in cartoon isn't your, um, bag, this simple navy French Connection number is a beautiful bargain. Also, they describe the colour as 'twinkle', which pleases me no end.


Lasercut lace blouse, £39.95 (was £78), Anthropologie

Aw, the blouse is shy. Look at its little eyelashes. It's like the Anthro version of those plastic eyelashes girls accessorise their car headlights with, except obviously much classier, being lasercut lace and all. And they're on your boobulars, rather than your headlights. Ahem. Oh, behave.

Traffic People Laura shirt, £28 (was £45), ASOS
I've been looking myself up on the internet again, everyone. This week, as well as being a village in Poland, a city in Kentucky, a hamlet in Saskatchewan, and a river in Queensland, I am also an episode of Magnum, P.I. (guest starring Frank Sinatra); a song by Jimmy Nail; the muse of Petrarch's poetry; a steamship; a model of Škoda car; and this shirt from Traffic People. I've achieved quite a lot in the past seven days, haven't I? 

BrandAlley has up to 48% off Yankee Candles at the moment. There's Christmas ones and EVERYTHING. Mysteriously, there isn't one named after me. 

If our novelty handbag post has inspired you to hunt down a Lulu Guinness lips clutch, I feel duty-bound to inform you that TK Maxx has loads in stock in various colourways. Prices start at £119, and some have a whopping £325 knocked off the original price.

Spotted any amazing bargains this week, Spyettes?


  1. I must request that you don't find any more items for me next week. You are bankrupting me, Laura B (but oh, I'll look so marvellous as I'm taken to debtors' prison).

    1. OH YES YOU WILL! And you'll be let off early for Good Style Behaviour.

  2. Thank you for the TK Maxx tip off - have wanted a lips clutch FOREVER

    1. Ah, you're welcome! They're a great bargain there at the moment. Hope you found a colourway you love!


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