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Friday 29 November 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Orla Kiely, Anthropologie & Oasis

Sluttery Sales Spy: the juicy maraschino cherry atop a glorious Black Friday gateau. Delish. You can have first bite. NO, I insist. Go on.


Paper Dolls embellished bodycon dress, £38 (was £60), ASOS
'Tis the season to EMBELLISH, and I don't mean the truth. The peplum on this Paper Dolls dress is heavy on the old embellishment - top marks - and the back view features a cut-out which looks like it wouldn't be a total nightmare if you need to wear a strapless bra with it. I'm also greatly enjoying both the colour AND the detailing around the neck - which could look like you don't know how to iron, but instead looks ace.

Oasis Tyler dress, £48 (was £60), House of Fraser
The model's about to deck us, so we'll need to be quick. Points of interest re: this Oasis Tyler dress:

* Purpley-maroon
* Leopard print
* Slim belt
* £12 off

All right, let's leg it before she beats us up for looking at her.
I've been eyeing up this collarless coat from ASOS for quite some time. I'm not sure how boobulars fit into the wearing equation, but WHATEVS, because it's really pretty AND you can turn up the sleeves to reveal leathery cuffs. The term 'leathery cuffs' has inexplicably made me squirm, but the concept is still A+.

Tira capelet, £69.95 (was £138), Anthropologie
Capelet. What a lovely word. Capelet capelet CAPELET. Quite like Capulet, isn't it? There won't be a curse o' both your houses if you buy the Tira capelet from Anthropologie. It is, according to them, suffused with romance and a hint of the unexpected. I think you can clearly see that from the picture. 

But SOFT! What light through yonder window breaks? It is 20% off almost everything at Anthropologie until Monday (not the sales stuff - don't be greedy). I was LITERALLY typing this paragraph when this news arrived in my mailbox. HOW DID THEY KNOW? *searches house for hidden cameras; retracts all previous piss-taking about Anthro's product descriptions in case they KNOW WHERE I LIVE*


Map print skirt, £33.60 (was £48), Becky, Queen of Frocks

"Do you know where Greenland is?" 

"I'm sitting on it."

Such japes can be a part of your daily life if you buy this fandabidoze map skirt from Becky, Queen of Frocks' Etsy store. She's having a Black Friday extravaganza - I'm very taken with this tea party skirt, too. 

Orla Kiely striped skirt, £42 (was £105), BrandAlley
BrandAlley - my new favourite place since Sian wrote about their Louche sale - has some great stuff in at the mo, WILDLY REDUCED, including this Orla Kiely striped skirt, and a whole heap of French Connection beauties. They also have millions of Missoni shoes with 70% OR MORE off the original price, which may be relevant to your interests.

I have been waiting patiently for Ollie & Nic's intensely cute apple bag to become reducified, and the wait is OVER. Move fast, though - there's 20% off this bag and EVERYTHING ELSE until midnight tonight. Enter the code XMAS20 at the checkout and watch money miraculously disappear from the internet and reappear in your pocket. They must have Derren Brown working the tills. 

Wild ponies messenger bag, £38.25 (was £45), Cath Kidston
Gasp! Cath Kidston has 15% off everything until December 1st - simply use the code ELF15 at the checkout. This wild ponies messenger bag is splendid, as are the cutest Christmas decorations I have ever seen. My Christmas-present-buying klaxon is giving me a headache, it's so LOUD.

What have you bought this week? I got the 3D cherries jumper from last week's Sales Spy; I think I'm about to buy one of Kat's MOVING Christmas jumpers; and I'm definitely going to snap up Anthro's cocktail chatter napkins while that 20% offer is on. 

Don't forget to hit us up in the comments if you've spotted any unmissable Black Friday deals - sharing is caring!


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    1. I hope that's your response to 'What have you bought this week?'!

  2. I am now trying to justify £60 on skirts after seeing those Becky Queen of Frocks ones. They're amazing!

    1. It's definitely justified! They're beautiful.


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