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Thursday 28 November 2013

Top Ten Dairy Free Recipes

Dairy free? Never fear! We're here with much inspiration without milk, butter, yogurt and cheese. Thanks largely to Laura H's brilliant dairy free creations and Sara's fabulous vegan recipes, you'll never go hungry again.

In lieu of toast and butter, or cereal with milk, try these brilliant breakfast cups on for size. Not an eggy person? How about scrambled tofu instead? Or, you can go the English muffin and jam route for breakfast. Muffins are a legitimate way to have cake for breakfast, and our apple muffins are damn tasty.

Speaking of cake, we have a rhubarb cake that's absolutely gorgeous. So's our pumpkin, orange and fig cake. For smaller cakes, try these black velvet cakes (that's marshmallow on top) or coconutty tom yum cupcakes.

If you think you can't have chocolate when you're dairy free, then think again! Most good quality dark chocolate is ok. Good news! Celebrate with chocolate brownies, chocolate torte and chocolate orange cake. When you're done with cake, (is that even possible?!) it's time to get started on the dark chocolate fudge.

Dairy free dinners are as exciting as the sweet stuff, too! (If you avoid dairy because you're vegan, don't forget to check your wine choices.) East, and South East Asia are good places to find your meals, they don't use much dairy in their foods. Try Chinese crispy beef, Thai jungle curry or Japanese spiced tofu. Falafel is a good choice for a quick and easy tea, as are samosa stuffed potatoes. For something a bit special, try vegan pepper and courgette quiche, the leftovers make a great lunch the following day!

If you're only avoiding cow's milk, you can go mad with the goat's and sheep milk. Say hello to beetroot feta frittersgrilled peach and goats cheese saladhaggis, pomegranate and feta salad and squash and goat's cheese risotto.

Time for dessert, yes? Avocado for pudding sounds mad, but it makes a creamy mousse that even sceptics will love. Coconut crème brûlée is a custardy dairy free treat that's brilliant for afters. If you like the cardamom and coconut combo, a couple of Nankhatai with your coffee will definitely hit the spot. 

For more dairy free delights, keep an eye on Laura H's posts, every other week.

Still peckish? We've got loads more top ten recipe posts for you!

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