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Monday 25 November 2013

Where are all the coats with hoods?

If India Knight, who wrote a whole damn book about shopping, can't find a hooded coat, then what hope is there for the rest of us? Coats with hoods are the holy grail - cosy, snuggly, and mitigating the need for an umbrella. They're like a joyous cocoon against whatever winter can throw at you, yet annoyingly hard to track down.

Have you left it too late this year to find one? No, my friend. They're still out there, waiting to bundle you up.

Let's start with my favourite, which is also - bonus! - the cheapest - a red duffle coat from Debenhams, in the sale at £39. Readers, I spent almost that amount on two cocktails last weekend, for I am a London dwelling idiot. I could have had a bright red coat with a detachable hood and deep pockets instead. It comes in regular and petite sizes.

Joy always gives good coat, and this navy duffle coat is no exception. They've given it a super long fancy write-up, but basically:
1) it's a duffle coat
2) it comes in navy or green
3) it's £125.

Looking for something a bit cheaper, modelled by a woman who's been asked to demonstrate coy surprise? Then get thee to Oasis for this checked hood coat, priced at £95.

Oh Zara, your impossibly chic caramel duffle coat with a fur lined hood, you make me want to sit outside cafés in Europe sipping fancy coffees. Thankfully it comes in black too, to hide the inevitable espresso spills. It's £159.

There's something pleasingly childlike about this burgundy duffle coat with a check trim from Miss Selfridge. It reminds me of standing on a chair waiting for mum to do my toggles up before I could go and play outside. Frankly, I could do with help some mornings now (shout out to the woman on my train who discreetly told me I'd buttoned my coat up wrongly last week). It's £69 and comes in navy too.

How cosy does this Parka London faux fur coat look? It'd be like being cuddled by a friendly bear all winter long. It's what I believe fancy magazines call "an investment coat" as it's £290 from ASOS, and what I call "how much?!? Oh hang on, if I wear it all winter for the next ten years then the cost-per-wear is about 7p".

Seen any other excellent hooded coats? Please share the love in the comments, so we can all coo over your findings.


  1. Toogles! I love a toggle. And I like coy Oasis model, she's beautiful.

    Serious question: what the hell is Ms Zara wearing under her lovely coat? Is she wearing a leather dress AND trousers? Has anyone asked her why?

    1. That was a thing for a bit in the 90s, wasn't it - dresses and trousers. Maybe it's making a come-back. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

    2. Sara, it is apparently coming back. But I think I heard it from Grazia first, soz. I never really considered it a fashion. More a way to try and keep warm as an impoverished student in Scotland.

    3. She just has Bitchy Resting Face, leave her alone.

  2. I have the housley jacket from Craghoppers and am considering living in it for the rest of the winter. I think I shall smell by spring.

    1. Cor, is it this one?

      It looks SO snuggly and warm. Like wearing a duvet all day.

  3. Marks and Spencers have a lovely winter coat with a big hood and detachable faux fur trim thats really warm. Its near £100 i think.

  4. I got this duffle coat (without toggles) from Zara last week and I LOVE IT!
    It's so comfy and keeps me really warm. I think it looks better on in real life that on that Zara model, but I feel half way between a small child and a sophisticated lady when I wear it. The fact that I'm small and look about 15 even though I'm 27 probably means I'm erring on the side of looking like a tiny child in it though:


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