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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Sluttishly Snug: Cheat's Double Glazing

My cat is forced to live in a box for extra warmth
This is an urgent broadcast from the DON'T FREEZE AT HOME department.

Does your flat make you feel like this cat? Mine does. It also makes my cat feel like this, because - well, because that is my cat.

Every winter since I moved in, I've suffered the 'characterful period flat' curse which is extremely draughty windows. Last winter, I sealed them up with copies of the Sunday Times and the beautiful circus tape I got with my Butterscotch and Beesting lampshade. This helped with the whistling gaps around the windows, but not the glass itself.

Then this week, I got one of the most romantic presents of my life thus far. My boyfriend bought me double glazing film. Doesn't sound romantic? Then, my friend, you don't understand the utter joy of not having wind coming in through your windows even when they're closed!

I didn't even know this film was a thing. It is amazing and I absolutely have to share it with you because it's cheap, insanely fun to apply (after an initial bit of faff) and makes a massive difference.

Step 1: Remove film and tape from box and then arrange neatly on a white background
The one we used is called Stormguard (you can get it for £8.99 or so at places like Homebase, or on Amazon for £7.99). For that, you get 6 sqm m of film, which folds out, and double sided tape. Line an area around your windows with the tape, and then apply your film. Once it's there, use a hairdryer to remove all the wrinkles and creases and make it tighten. This bit is insanely entertaining, and a bit like being in a JML commercial.

Tips! (As ever, I have made the mistakes so you don't have to).
  • Don't worry about being very exact with how your apply your film. As long as it isn't enormously baggy, it will all tighten up with the hair dryer.
  • Allow plenty of room for the sides of the windows, as the film will contract and you might end up, like me, howling at your window.
  • Try not to rip it. It's not particularly weak, but just don't. You might end up, like me, howling at your window.
  • DO NOT let your cat in the room at the same time. Ambridge basically thought that I'd arranged a trip to feline Thorpe Park and spent five minutes joyfully throwing her toys around and pouncing on the film before I removed her. She was most put out.
Despite my 'tips', applying this is very easy. The film is a bit of a faff, simply because there is so much of it, but once you've got it chopped up, it's fine. Being some kind of DIY saint, my boyfriend did my bedroom windows for me, and then I had a go at my sitting room windows the other night. Even if you are also in possession of a DIY saint, insist on doing the hairdryer bit yourself. It really is the best fun.

Well, it's nearly the best fun. Having toasty(er) rooms and not being able to feel a minor hurricane coming in through your windows tops that list fairly comprehensively. And when spring comes, you can take it down and reclaim your windows for the warm weather.

So for now you can feel more like this:
Or like this.
Or like this (That's enough pictures of your cat now - ed.)
Leg forts = best


  1. I'm sorry, I have no idea what this post was about because OMG ALL THE CAT PICTURES I LOVE YOU AMBRIDGE!


    1. Yes, who is this mysterious 'ed.' discouraging cat pictures? Never us!

  3. Don't encourage her. Or me. *publishes entire Instagram feed*

  4. Aww what a cutie. And, aherm, yes top energy savings tips and all that.

  5. Ambridge is so cute! We demand more pictures! :-D


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