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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Boomf Instagram Marshmallows

What happens when two hipster trends - Instagram and marshmallows - collide? Sticky iPhones! And Boomf. A very clever company who print your Instagram photos onto vanilla marshmallows.

Boomf marshmallows are exactly what you buy the wonderful person who is a total pain in the ass to buy for. They're £12 for a box of nine (including postage) and the boxes are designed to slip through your letter box. And if you order by noon they'll be sent out first class the same day.

The marshmallows are gluten free (always a bonus) but they're sadly not suitable for vegetarians. Veggie marshmallows are a bugger to make. Let's focus on the fact that they print photos onto them. Because that's pretty magic.

Simple photos with a good contrast work best, so that sunset photo you took last week will look lovely. So will that photo of you and your best mate. The photo of 20 people in Where's Wally? fancy dress will be less successful (but if you do have such a photo, we'd like to see it).

The only downside is that you have to have access to an Instagram account to upload photos, which does make buying them as presents a little tricky. But you can still send nine pictures of your face to someone you love. Nothing says happy Christmas like tasty, squishy photographs of your face.


  1. What a completely random but utterly brilliant idea. Not sure I'd be able to bring myself to eat them though...too pretty.

    1. They last about six months, so you've got time to admire!

      I really like them. I think it works so well because the photo quality is pretty damn good.

  2. Replies
    1. For the first time ever, I'm sad that I don't have an Instagram account.


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