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Monday 18 November 2013

Etsy Pick: StayGoldMaryRose

Can I get your attention away from Doctor Who paraphernalia and Dalek bread for a second? Yes, yes, we'll go back to all things TARDIS-Y in a second. I want to share StayGoldMaryRose's beautiful jewellery with you and it won't wait.

Aren't these bracelets beautiful? They're all handmade from antique teacups and they're sold in Anthropologie shops across the world. I'm really not sure how I've missed something that appeals to my love of fancy china and beautiful jewellery. Let's have a look at some more.

These new designs are a little bit different, but no less pretty. Still made from vintage china, their print is inspired by 1880s book paper. I love how different they all are, and that you don't know which one you're going to get.

I'm not really a pink bows kind of girl (I know, I do surprise you). I'd buy this one as a gift for someone very lovely. It's £29.89 and shipping is just over a fiver. Your new bracelet is coming from the StayGoldMaryRose studio in Brighton and it'll arrive in a lovely wooden box.

This is more like it, I can get on board with blue ribbon details. These stacking Willow bracelets are £22.30 each. Best accessorised with a cup of tea.

This grey floral bracelet actually looks rather beautiful, doesn't it? Actually, I think these would make the perfect gift for bridesmaids. Or for me, at Christmas. I'm really taken with these pieces and would happily jingle-jangle my way through the next year.


  1. They are pretty. But I think I'd be very scared of wearing something so fragile o my wrist, if I could even get in on over my enormous tall girl's hands. Something for the delicate and careful to wear. :)

    1. I do gesture wildly and bash things about...


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