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Monday 4 November 2013

Say Hello To Holograms

Holographic fashion is is going to send your wardrobe into outer space. It's when metallic meets rainbow meets glitter, and makes you look like you're from the future. Use it sparingly to keep you the right side of disco kitsch and you'll not only look like you've coolly dropped in from the year 2068, you'll brighten up your winter outfits on the gloomiest days.

Laura B gave a shout out to these hologram Zoe Oxfords back in June, but had to sadly note that they were completely sold out. So rejoice, for Miista have seen fit to bring them back in three beautiful colourways. Be quick because the rose gold have already sold out, leaving you to agonise between the purple or silver - at £145, you won't be investing in two pairs. Their magical iridescent shimmer will make you happy every time you look at your feet. Now shoo, choose a pair before Lauren Laverne tweets about them again and the whole lot sell out in minutes.

Thank you, River Island, for seeing fit to bring out a cheaper holographic shoe. These silver brogues are just £40. You can amble over as they're fully stocked in sizes 3 to 8.

Apparently this clutch bag from Asos is "directional, exciting and diverse". It'll definitely make you the most exciting person on the bus into town. Sadly, I'm destined to lose any bag not strapped onto me, otherwise I'd spend £25 on its shiny loveliness.

Just want to dabble with holograms, rather than fully commit? Then this Gosh holographic nail polish is just the thing, especially as it's only £3.99. It looks inexplicably dowdy in the bottle, but check it out on this beauty blogger's nails. It's mesmerising. Don't click that link unless you've got ten minutes staring time to spare.

Hello, beautiful reduced kaleidoscopic tableware from Lakeland. You're made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate so you're meant for summer picnics, but I want your rainbow of rays brightening up my kitchen cupboards. The bowls are £2.29, the tumblers are £1.99 and the jugs are ALREADY SOLD OUT AAARGH PANIC PANIC BE QUICK!

Reader, let me take you back to the 1990s, when we all wore big chunky boots with tiny floaty dresses and pretended we were Winona Ryder. My Doc Martens were never as exciting as these silver hologram boots from Debenhams. They're £31.50 in the sale, leaving you with money left over to recreate whichever Winona era you fancy - I'm opting for "mad eyed drunken Black Swan Winona".

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