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Thursday 4 June 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Love Miss Daisy

I 'squeeeed' a little when I saw the lovely vintage dresses that Love Miss Daisy has on offer. I don't actually know who Miss Daisy is, but I do indeed love her. Take a look:

I wish I had the colouring to wear this stunning dress, but I'm not convinced that blonde hair and lemon yellow is a great combination. But, I love this and think it'll look amazing on someone else. It's only £65.
I want to wear to tea parties! In fact, I might even pick this one up for our shopping event.

Did someone mention something about a nautical trend? This dress will do nicely. Even if I'd get ice cream on it five minutes after putting it on.

If this dress isn't available when this post goes live, it's because I've bought it!

Granted, I can't guarantee any of these one off pieces (see? they're vintage, you have to call them pieces) will be there when you click on the link, but this place doesn't appear to be a one trick pony. Just good quality stuff that's very pretty indeed.

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