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Wednesday 3 March 2010

Cocktail Hour: The Riverboat Queen

So ever since I confessed my deep and undying love of cherry brandy the other week, a friend of mine has been pestering me to try a Riverboat Queen.

It's made with apricot brandy, so it's just as sweet as the cherry brandy-based cocktails that I so adore. And since it only has two other ingredients, it's quick and easy to make too.

The fruitiness of the apricot brandy stops it from being too sugary, and the copious amounts of Southern Comfort mean it's got such a boozy kick that you'll only need one or two.

What you'll need is:
Crushed ice
3 teaspoons apricot brandy
120 ml Southern Comfort

All you need to do is:
Fill a champagne flute halfway with crushed ice, then top up with the Southern Comfort and the apricot brandy. Drink until you've convinced yourself that winter's long gone and fruity, refreshing cocktails are the way forward now it's nearly summer.

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