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Friday 5 March 2010

More Alice! Tom Binns for Disney Couture

With today’s release of Alice in Wonderland, the world is going mad for all things Lewis Carroll. Last Friday, I was lucky enough to preview Tom Binns’ new jewellery collaboration with Disney Couture – a higher end collection of pieces by the zany Los Angeles based designer.

The range is split into two – the Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature line is a collection of six more luxurious pieces, while the Tom Binns for Disney Couture range is a more affordable selection of 35 items, all inspired by the characters of the film. The signature line is typical Binns –
over the top and positively jangling with teacups, keyholes and hearts.To be honest, it wasn’t really to my taste and I preferred the simpler (and cheaper) couture range, with its enamelled heart bangles and pretty pendants.

After fondling the jewellery, we donned groovy 3D specs and settled down in the Soho Hotel’s screening room to watch thefilm. Alice purists will find that it doesn’t faithfully follow the book, with more of a Hollywood plot worked in. However, the film is beautiful, whimsical and thoroughly entertaining. I loved Mia Wasikowsk’s dreamy portrayal of Alice, and of course Johnny Depp is not to be missed as the hatter.

Whether you’re a stroppy red queen, sensous white queen or grinning Cheshire cat there’s a piece for you in the Tom Binns collection. Personally, I’m more of a mad hatter, which is why I picked out this cute teacup pendant, available from ASOS for £65.

By Alex English.


  1. I love these! I was thinking of doing a post on this too! :)

  2. I think with something like this, if you're going to go with the whole Disney thing, you might as well go crazy!


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