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Friday 28 January 2011

Crumpet & Skirt's Pin Up Wrapping Paper

We do like a bit of Crumpet & Skirt. Their cups and saucers are cheeky and fabulous and we're a big fan of the whole pin up girl thing in general. Now you can get a bit of Crumpet and Skit on your wrapping paper too. This is fantastic if you're like me and often put as much thought into gift-wrapping as you do the gift itself. I can spend forever choosing giftbags and boxes, just to make presents even more perfect.

Until today, my presents didn't have pretty ladies on them. Now they will and that makes them instantly more exciting and all the better for giving. It's not cheap at £8.50 for four sheets (you can mix and match colours or buy the whole range for £17), so you'll just have to save it for your very favourite friends. Or gifts for me.


  1. I have had my eye on this wrapping paper. It is wonderful. But I fear I would end up shouting at any gift recipient not to tear it open which may turn me into a gift giving killjoy

  2. Oh no, you're right! I would be that girl!

    Still, can always line drawers with it.

  3. That's definitely only worthy of the best of friends but I do like the idea of lining drawers with it.


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