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Monday, 31 January 2011

Cute or Creepy: Twisted Twee's Royal Pants

Of all the things I want on my pants, historical figures wasn't the first thing that I thought of. But I can't help but like these (this might have had something to do with watching old costume dramas last night).

These pants were created for Betty Jackson by Twisted Twee and depict everyone from good ol' Henry VIII to his many many wives. That's Anne Boleyn. She's my favourite of the bunch.

You can choose the colours, and you can even decide if you want Lizzie the first on your front or your bum. They're £15 each and all your have to do is choose which Queen you want. Or, you could go for the American President instead.

Want do you think? Cute or creepy?


  1. This really reminds me of a scene from The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin where one of the characters is wearing similar pants and his boss barks out "I didn't get where I am today by wearing underpants with Beethoven on them!" - it always made me want Beethoven underpants. These might well be the next best thing :)

  2. I like them, but wouldn't call them cute. They look enormous though - I don't want Henry VIII around my waist, so to speak.

  3. They do look massive. I wouldn't wear these at any point I might get lucky, but I bet they're super comfy. No the sexiest undies I've ever written about, but they make me smile.

  4. I love the idea of taking a young gentlemen caller home and him whipping off my fancy outer garments only for him to see Henry VIII's 'lovely' face beaming at him from my genital area.

    Saying that though, I once pulled when I was wearing a pair of Scooby Doo boxer shorts. That was...err...'interesting'.

  5. Do you often take gentleman callers home? How does Mr. Cay feel about that?

  6. The only young gentleman caller I take home nowadays is my almost-husband I'll have you know. I was less choosy when I was a younger lady. Remind me to tell you some of my dating horror stories the next time I see you (the bloke who once came round to my flat and proceeded to alphabetise my record collection instead of snogging me was a definite 'highlight')

  7. (Excluding the image) those pants look like the ones we had to wear to do sports in at school in the 80's ... **frightening memories**

  8. I quite like them :)
    It's very difficult to creep me out with royal themed stuff after seeing this:

  9. Woah, not sure about having anyone's face on my crotch. Reminds me of my very shy friend who drunkenly pulled in his Hoff pants and was persuaded by the lady to dance for her in them. Which she videoed.

  10. How did I miss these on the site?!

    I kind of love them (blame my masters in fiddly bits of Renaissance poetry) but they're just so... I mean... wow. No words.


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