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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Full Marks: Fashion Vintage range at Marks & Spencer

There's something quite nice about this time of year in the shopping world. The piles of unwanted sales stock finally leave the shops and there's exciting new pretty products working their way into stores and into my affections instead. One shop that's got me really looking forward to the first blossom of Spring is, to my surprise Marks and Spencer. Their new 'fashion vintage' collection is, simply put, blooming marvellous.

The floral cushion pictured above is surely the acid test as to whether you'll like the 'fashion vintage' look. If the use of pink and giant florals sends a shiver down your spine, I suggest you look away now. If on the other hand, it has you clapping your hands with glee and plotting whether you can squeeze another cushion onto the sofa, you are going to love this collection. It's all very pretty, extremely girly and covers everything from picture frames to tea light holders. And it's quite reasonably priced too - the cushion would set you back just £19.50.

This Elizabeth cup and saucer is taken from their range of crockery, all decorated with those wonderful painterly florals. This costs £7.50.

Another of my favourite from the vast collection is this simple bed spread, also something of a bargain at £19.50 for a double. Sweet dreams should be guaranteed.

And ensure your bathroom looks - if maybe not smells - as sweet as roses with one of these bath mats for £15.

There are a few pricier items too to get your pulses racing, such as this adorable Crochet rug. For £250, I suspect I'd be better start trying to do it myself. With Spring still a while away, it's possibly achievable time wise. I just need to tear myself away from the M&S website first!


  1. Marks are increasingly more hit than miss recently, I've found. Love the bargainous cup and saucer.

  2. I really like this range actually (especially the cushion). Except that bedspread. That looks like a little old lady might buy it. The only thing I really have in common with old ladies is a penchant for bingo and gin.

  3. As someone who always has to pacify her inner old lady when talking interiors, I kind of agree with you about the bedspread. I think if you put it with plain pillowcases (or the patterned pillowcases with a plain duvet cover) you could just about keep it looking contemporary... If not, you know what you can get your Gran for her birthday!

  4. I will have one of everything please. Maybe 2 of the saucers and cushions.

    I'm a bit worried though that I like these and the multi-coloured drawers a few posts back.

  5. I love the bedspread! But then I do like my bed to look ridiculously old ladyish.

  6. I was fondling that teacup just the other day. Oo-er.
    I like this stuff, although some of the prints are a bit 'off' and my house is already full of teacups rescued from charity shops anyway. Boyfriend will throttle me if I get anymore. I LOVE the crochet rug though and am actually considering making it myself, although the yarn would probably cost a fortune...


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