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Friday 28 January 2011

Etsy Pick: Retro NES External Hard Drive

Greetings everyone! I’m Kat, the newest Domestic Slut. Things I love? Musicals, The Archers, Sidecars, Gin Fizzes, blue cheese, computer games and comics. Things I hate: bananas. Literally, that’s it. They’re Satan’s fruit.

My first post was going to be booze-based (they hired me for a reason and that reason was mainly gin). But then I found out that there’s a Nintendo-themed club night in London which is AMAZING. I started Googling retro gadgetry and subsequently got totally distracted by this amazing bit of kit:

Wow. Isn’t it gorgeous? The external drive I have at the moment is like carting an enormous coffin around – this one doesn’t have to be plugged in, so you can save and go. Just like on a Gameboy, hurrah!

This would be such a cool Valentine’s present for the long-term geek in your life – it’s a bit pricey to waste on somebody you don’t know likes you yet. If the geek is you, so much the better!

If you don’t like X-Men, the shop will take any old NES game you have and give them a new lease of life by adding a nice Toshiba 500GB drive and USB cable. Larger capacity drives are available if you want to whack all your telly and films and important stuff on. They also do super-cute Gameboy cartridge USB sticks and Nintendo-themed mousemats if you’re already hard drived-up.

It’s $129.99 (around £83) plus shipping from 8bitmemory.


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