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Wednesday 19 January 2011

KK Outlet's Kate and Wills Plates

As much as I'm happy for Kate and Wills and their forthcoming nuptials, I'm not really that bothered. It's great that they're getting married an' all, but I don't much care past that really. I don't know them, I don't have to buy them a present and the day after they announced the engagement there was a whole host of horrible memorabilia in the shops. But I spotted this Kate and Wills plate range in a Thrillist email (do sign up for news of Very Awesome Things). They're from KKOutlet and they're fantastic.

I might not be bothered about the wedding, but a free day off? Yes please!

I would love someone to buy Kate and Will's a toaster. Or a carriage clock!

This Facebook inspired one is my favourite. Yes, their status update has been 'liked' by Prince Charles. Fabulous.

These designs aren't in the shop yet (you'll have to wait until February 3rd for that), but they're available for pre-order if you email Danielle at [email protected] and tell them which one you want.


  1. The plates are ace (I, for one, am very much looking forward to my free day off) - but unfortunately you can only get Thrillist mailouts if you live in London! Which isn't so great for those of us that don't live there.

  2. Well they have a New York email too ;-)


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