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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: The Old Lamp Shed

The Old Lamp Shed is a great little find for unusual gifts. I never underestimate the importance of a good bedside lamp. As much as I like my little fairy lights, they're not good for my eyes when I'm reading books. I use my Wake-up light as a lamp, but I'll admit it's not the prettiest thing in the world. Here are my favourite finds from the Old Lamp Shed.

This one is my favourite. It's perfect in a library, or next to your comfiest reading chair. The shade is linen, and prices start at £28 depending on which size you go for.

You can get your own message printed on this one. Such a great idea as a gift for someone, with a lovely song lyric or phrase on it. It's secret too as you won't see it until it's all lit up. This one starts at £25.

I really like this scientific lampshade. But if you buy it, please put it on a base nicer than the one in the picture. It starts at £23.

These lampshades all came from the 'manly' section of the Old Lamp Shed's website (science is manly, OK?). I much prefer them to the floral and tradition options, but they have those too. They'll also make you a lampshade from your own fabric.


  1. I want the book one for me and the science one for my husband(who is a super-scientist). we could have matching but not matching bedside lamps. it would be lovely!

  2. Love the map one, and I much prefer the "manly" ones. Tsk!
    Definitely somewhere to shop when we move - thank you!

  3. this morning i stopped by my friend sabra's blog, the lonely wife project...and i see "domestic sluttery" amongst her fave blogs...of COURSE i was going to click on a name like that! so glad i discovered your's delightful!


  4. Oooh! I want the book one! I hope they ship to the U.S.

  5. I love the shades with secret messages, a great idea!


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