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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Kiss Me Deadly

It wasn't until perusing Retro To Go yesterday that I discovered Kiss Me Deadly. And they do an excellent line in retro lingerie. They get the design bang on and whilst they're at the top of my fancy pants budget, I've still coveting their range.

Jane and I had a long discussion about the large undercrackers, but I have to admit that I'm coming 'round to them. The longline bra in this Candy Box range is £38, the big pants are £15.

If we can ignore that the model is holding a knife (why? why is she?) this black set is actually very lovely. £25 for the bra and £30 for the suspender belt. But why is she holding a knife?

This little girdle dress looks fantastic, and it's perfect if you want an hourglass figure. It's £49, which is a bit of a bargain. And the model isn't holding a knife.


  1. We use all sorts of crazy props for the film noir/femme fatale pics. Knives, gun, cigarettes, rum . . .
    If you go back in our collections you can see the Cluedo themed collection which had even more :)
    It terrifies some men, which I mostly find amusing. Can't be bothered with the whole none-threatening cute/sexy/passive stuff you see in most shoots.

  2. I have the girdle dress thingy! Never really worn it. It looks good on, the only problem is that if you were planning on getting frisky you would definitely have to leave it on as there is no sexy way to get this off! In fact you may need assistance. The underwire has also popped out under the armpit (probably from being pulled about whilst trying on). My conclusion - ok for the money, but not amazing. Will have to see about sewing that underwire back in (always tricky!)

  3. Definitely my kind of underwear plus I am an avid proponent of big pants!


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