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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cute or Creepy? Fanny Shorter Anatomical Cushion

On first glance you may wonder what could possibly be creepy about these rather beautiful cushions from Fanny Shorter. But take a good close look and the more medically minded of you may recognise the rather anatomical origins of those rather wonderful patterns.
First up I give you the Womb Cushion - who knew they were quite so pretty?
Or perhaps you would prefer a Kidney Cushion?
Or how about this rather fabulous Coronal Cushion?

The cushions, available from Culture Label, cost £60 each and as they are all hand screen-printed each one is it's very own little piece of art.

Personally I am in complete textile lust but what do you think? Can you overcome potential squeamishness and see the inner beauty of your internal organs or are they just *too* medical?


  1. BRILLIANT. Really, I love them. Think they're gorgeous.

  2. Yes. LOVE. It's not immediately obvious what they are, they just look like beautiful patterns.

    (I read the title of this post as 'Fanny Shortener' and was very worried about what I might find.)

  3. I love em too. The Coronal one is the best! Any creepiness comes only from the phrase 'Fanny Shorter Anatomical Cushions'. Sounds much worse that it is (anyone seen those purses in the shape of ladies bits? - don't)

  4. Wow! I love them! I think they're amazing and I'm rather proud of myself for identifying them all correctly before looking at the names :)

    I'm every so slightly concerned about the slightly tangled fallopian tubes though...

  5. I think they're gorgeous in their own right - to be honest I don't think I'd notice their gynaecological connotations without having them pointed out to me.

  6. I'm so glad everyone is loving them as much as I did. I love that something you wouldn't expect to looks so beautiful.

    Sara, I nearly typed Fanny Shortner so many times you wouldn't believe!

  7. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! I think I might be in love with the Coronal Cushion.

  8. Kerry, maybe they're showing sisterly solidarity!

  9. Wowser - so, so gorgeous. And cool idea too - body parts turned into a Morris-esque print

  10. IrrepressibleRed26 January 2011 at 17:06

    Oh oh oh! I want them so much! They remind me of those victorian optical illusions where a woman dressing turns into a skull the more you look at it (I'm sure they have a special name but darned if I know it).

  11. I love Caroline's 'aren't we beautiful?' comment. Yes we are :)
    I LOVE this, as both a scientist and a lover of cushions *expert face*

  12. As a very, very recently pregnant girlie, I am a little bit in love with the first one!! Might be a nice way to bookmark the bump?!

    And Kate, can we please have a link to the lady bits purse? I can imagine, but the car-crash side of my brain still kind of wants to see them!! :)


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