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Thursday 27 January 2011

Nice Knitwear: Woolies for the rest of winter

Though magazines are conspiring to convince me that spring is just around, there's no denying that it's still mighty cold out there. How to make it through this gloomy period? I'm convinced that nice knitwear is the answer. That and regular tea and cake. Pull on a cheerful patterned jumper, like one of the styles that I've picked out here, and it's bound to banish away the grey days. 

Especially if the knitwear is covered with hearts, like the above jumper from ASOS. It's £24. To point out the obvious Valentines Day is just a few weeks away and, if you wanted a themed jumper for the day, this could be pretty awesome. 

Slightly more subdued is this striped Vila Ova Knit cardigan. I especially like the contrasting brown pockets which look suspiciously practical. This is £35 from Edinburgh-based shop Bohemia. They're bound to know a thing or two about layering up in the cold. 

I'm simply dotty for the Doris sweater from Whistles. Like all the stuff they seem to be doing at the moment it's got that serious 'oooh' factor. Unfortunately it's also got the ouch factor of the £85 price tag. 

Dots, stripes and hearts don't do it for you? How about skulls? 

I'm a huge fan of the menswear designs of Sibling. Boys in jumpers that are covered in fluro lighting bolts and leopard skin? Yes, please. Hurrah for Topshop, as they've managed to convince them to do a limited range for girls too. This grey skull cardigan is a fine example of their work. It's got skulls, it's got glitter, yet somehow it manages to look quite restrained and pretty. It's also £95. However, cost-per-wear between now and proper sunshine? Knowing the British weather, it's probably down in the pence. My advice is to stock up now and have spring in your step through the rest of winter.


  1. I love the heart jumper (although I would NOT wear it on V-Day, you do know how to rock a themed jumper). All of ASOS' new 50s America range is lovely. You can even see it in that pretty skirt she's wearing.

  2. I do love a nice themed jumper - I realised this was potentially turning into a problem when I especially picked out a jumper covered with fireworks to wear on New Year's Eve!

    I agree completely about the new ASOS range, there's some really nice stuff there. Can't wait to be paid tomorrow, think a few pennies (or more) may be heading in that direction...

  3. I like the ASOS '50s range as well, and I really do like the jumper you've featured here.

    The only thing is that I'm afraid of coming off a little too much like Rachel Berry off Glee if I wear that!

    I also really like the skirt but getting both would be a bit much. I just can't decide though!

  4. That heart skirt is very cute! I ended up skipping the jumper and ended up buying the skirt the model is wearing with the jumper - typical!


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