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Monday, 31 January 2011

Dream Dress: Trollied Dolly Polka Dot Shift

If there was such a thing as Sluttery Airways, this is probably the dress our air hostesses would wear. They'd serve martinis and we'd have interiors inflight magazines too. And the whole plane would be first class. It would be excellent. We promise we'll look into it, OK? And in the meantime we'll learn all of the safety announcements so you know where the exits are. We're probably not very good at flying planes.

But until we actually can set up our own airline, I'm going to have to settle for just the dress. It's by Trollied Dolly. The buttons and pussy bow at the collar are perfect details for preppy cuteness. Like it? It's £47 and you can buy it here.


  1. Anything with a pussy bow catches my interest, so kitsch yet chic, great silhouette though I think it would also look great over jeans!

  2. This dress is wicked cute! The pattern, colour and the bow... whoa! :]

  3. Cute but I'm more excited about Sluttery Airways x

  4. Thought you might like to know that Trollied Dolly's sale has started and the dress is now £25! I bought the one you featured and another in the black with apple print! Score!

  5. That was good timing! Now we can start Sluttery Airways, right?

  6. For sure! I'd be the first in line to apply given that I've a spare uniform and all (or will have in a few days!).


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