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Friday 28 January 2011

Shop In The Spotlight: Suddenly, It's Real!

You know how it is. Some mornings, it only takes a late train to set the bad-tempered tone for the rest of the day; other days, one little kindness puts a smile on my face that doesn't leave. Suddenly, It's Real! have been one of my Etsy bookmarks (filed under 'buy when I can afford') for ages, but when I checked over Christmas, they'd vanished.

I'd come to love Ben and Natalie's amazing products and kooky projects (documented on the blog), so it absolutely made my day when I got a email from them yesterday saying that they'd been away working on their greatest creative project yet - their son Oscar!

Awesome, eh? Selfishly, it's even more awesome that the shop has re-opened and I can share some slices of gorgeousness with you.

Yes, yes, moustaches have been done to death and even dear old BHS is (probably) bringing out a range of 'tache mugs but that doesn't mean I don't have room for one more piece. I'm a sucker for interesting design brightening up boring objects, and this Brown Moustache Key Rack is a perfect example of that.

Cute, practical, $45 and it'll make me smile on a daily basis, every time I hang up my keys rather than leave them in the labyrinthian recesses of my latest enormo bag.

Similarly, this Whale Chalkboard may eradicate my constant urge to leave scrappy bits of paper lying around the kitchen, and all for a mere $40.

And, cutest of all, the Suddenly, It's Real onesie modelled on little Oscar. They've had so many orders for this romper that they're taking a break right now - which might give me long enough to persuade one of my nearest and dearest to get knocked up so I can gift her this.


  1. Little Oscar's scaring me. I feel like he knows all my secrets.

    That 'tache key rack is die for! :D


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