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Friday 28 January 2011

Sluttishly Simple: No Knead Nutella Bread

I love bread. I have often been heard to say that if I could only pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be freshly made bread slathered with butter. And with it I would drink only the finest of wines.

Unfortunately my pathetically weak wrists are not quite so keen on bread, more specifically the whole kneading thing. This has resulted in largely disappointing experimentation in bread making. I even went so far as to buy a breadmaker to no avail. Then, slightly late to the party, I recently discovered the wonderful No Knead Bread recipe over on Steamy Kitchen. I have found my nirvana - the only possible downside being that having to leave the dough to do it's magic overnight means I can have a loaf instantly whenever it takes my fancy.

As I was browsing the site I came across a recipe that sounded so delicious it was positively screaming at me to try it. Seriously who could resist No Knead Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah? Yes, that's right, bread with built in nutella.

No Knead Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah (from Steamy Kitchen)

You will need:
For the challah dough (via Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day)
This makes enough dough for about 3 loaves
  • 350ml lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons instant yeast
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt (I used rock salt)
  • 4 large eggs
  • 175g runny honey
  • 80g butter, melted
  • 950g plain flour
For the filling
  • 4 1/2 tablespoons of Nutella
  • Handful of roasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped
  • Egg wash, made using an egg and a tablespoon of water
Make it!

1. Add all the bread ingredients except the flour into a bowl and give it a good mix. Then add the flour and stir that baby like you have never stirred before. Once you are all stirred out cover the bowl and pop in the fridge overnight, where it will stay quite happily for up to four days if needed. However if you simply cannot wait for chocolate hazelnut heaven then leave it out to rise on the worktop for two hours, the bread just wont be as flavoursome.

2. Take the dough out of the fridge. You will need a lump the size of a grapefruit, about 1lb in weight. Flour your hands and the dough then stretch the surface and tucking it underneath to form a nice taut ball. Leave to stand for a five minutes to take the chill off.

3. Roll dough into a long even log shape and then cut into three even sized pieces. Roll each piece into a long 4cm thick rope shape, mine were just over 30cm long.

4. Now for the messy bit. Take one of the 'ropes' making a indent or channel along it's length. Spread 1.5 tablespoons of nutella evenly along the indent than bring up the sides of the dough to encase the nutella and pinch closed. Repeat with the other two 'ropes'. You will now have three lovely nutella filled pieces of dough rope.

5. Lay out your three dough ropes and braid together. Start in the middle and work towards one end, pinching the ends together and tucking under. Repeat to the other end. Braiding from the middle helps to ensure the bread tapers nicely at each end.

6. Cover with a clean dry towel and leave to rest for 1 1/2 hours. Twenty minutes prior to baking preheat your oven to 180C/350F/GM 4.

7. Brush the dough with egg wash and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts and bake for 25 minutes. Remove from oven and try not to burn your fingers and mouth in your eagerness to have a pice before it has had chance to cool!


  1. I thought you might like it lady! I am currently resisting the urge to eat the whole damn thing. Plus I have enough dough to make another two so I am officially declaring it nutella bread weekend!

  2. Wonder if it would work with peanut butter. I'll never have to make a sandwich again!
    (yes I am *that* lazy)

  3. There are enough fat ladies around without teaching them how to make this. Why not use something diet like instead

  4. Well you're a happy little commenter ain'tcha? Go eat an apple.

  5. Katy-chubby-happy-tennis playing-swimming fan-chocolate eater28 January 2011 at 20:18

    How brave of you to post that anonymously. They must have a really lovely weekend planned.

  6. Is that you, Kenneth Tong?

  7. @anonymous I am a dashing young man and I like fat women, well I like a nice big bottle for starters.


  8. Don't worry, Anon, us fatties are too busy stuffing our faces to read blogs or cook. We just waddle down to the chippy and back.

  9. And I will happily post saucy, but tasteful, photos of my svelte body on here if anyone makes me some of this.

  10. I had no idea no knead bread existed!! I am saving making this one for a special treat (as I would eat it in 5 seconds flat), but thanks to you I now found the recipe for regular no-knead bread and have a batch ready to go in the oven in the morning!
    Happy times, thanks!

  11. The other alternative (though a bit late as you seem to have it sorted), get a stand mixer with dough hook attachments. I love mine =)

  12. Somehow, in my Universe, the way to ensure I never ever make something again is to get some sort of appliance for it :)(says she looking at the juicer, the bread machine, the waffle maker....)

  13. Laurel, I think I am going to give peanut butter and jam a go with some of the dough I have left. Love the idea of a sandwich in a slice!

    R, The regular no knead bread is wonderful as well so enjoy. It lasts about five minutes flat in our house!

    Li, my aim in life is to get a Kitchen aid stand mixer but my wee kitchen and bank balance haven't allowed that just yet! One day...

  14. R might be onto something... I'm always tempted to buy an ice cream maker but I'm sure I'd use it once and then get bored.

  15. I used a piping bag witn a 1/4 inch tip for the nutella... was much easier for me than trying to spread it on the soft dough.

  16. This is perfect for World Nutella Day!

  17. Home made bread + Nutella = win.

  18. What a fab tip Katie - I will try that next time! Thanks

    Wow there is a World Nutella Day? I'll definitely be observing that holiday


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