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Monday 24 January 2011

Under a Fiver: Carve Cards at Suck UK

As much as I believe that romantic things should happen all through the year, if you want to celebrate Valentines day then who am I to argue? Even so, that doesn't mean you should settle for sending a tacky ol' card from Asda. Don't expect cuddly bears holding giant love hearts from us. Instead, this Carve Card at Suck UK is a much cooler option.

Just carve your message and doodle onto your card. Scribble on your beloved's address and then sit back and wait for hugs and kisses to arrive when the object of your affections sees how wonderfully original and creative you are (you can thank us later).

They're only £3 each, so you could even buy more than one and send lovely messages to all of those you've got your eye on. The Domestic Sluts look forward to your cards.

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