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Wednesday 19 January 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: Bryonie Porter

I know it's called wallpaper, but frankly if something has a less than pretty flat surface, I want to cover it with something to make it pop. Luckily (because I'm probably writing a blog post instead of doing DIY), Bryonie Porter has decided to do the hard work for me. She takes beeeeeautiful furniture, then covers it in wallpaper that's even more beautiful. And this is the result:

Not as simple as it looks, look how the pattern on this blackbird design matched up perfectly!

This is now my dream desk.

Fornasetti wallpaper is something you either love or hate, but you can't deny it's pretty striking.

This is my favourite. How can you not be inspired to go on travelling adventures with this map chest? They're around £800 each, so they're quite an investment. I'll have to put them in my 'dream house' file. They're just about the prettiest things I've seen all year.


  1. I have just fallen horribly in love with that desk. Alas for all the pennies it would cost.

  2. These are so beautiful and original. They're the sort of things I think I could make myself, only to realise hours later that I'm covered in glue and my furniture is ruined.

  3. Her dressing tables have been on my wishlist for ages! First my room was too small, then I moved in a bigger house and now I run out of money. The delimma of a London life...

  4. Oh, but you can totally do that map dresser yourself!


  5. I like that, but it's hardly the same, is it?

  6. check out for a Bristol based revamping service of your own furniture.


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