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Thursday 27 January 2011

Etsy Pick: Cool Valentine's Day Cards

Like it or not, V-day is two weeks away (that's why adverts are all over the place, you must absolutely definitely not be single in two weeks time). So if you are going to send cards to the object of your affections, make it one of these.

You can't argue with Dr. Seuss. The guy is a genius. This card is $4 from ThePaperPeony (with $2.45 shipping all the way from Chicago).

If you really must litter everything with love hearts, then at least throw in some 3D glasses. This 3D heart card is $7 from Wit and Whistle and yes, it does come with the glasses.

Bacon is loads better than Valentine's day. If this bacon card was delivered without a bacon sandwich, I'd be sad. It's $3.75 from 4/Four Cards with $3 shipping to the UK.

Mixtapes are like musical foreplay. This card is almost as good. It's $4 from Cool Jane Designs. It'll cost you $3.25 to get it the Blighty.

I want to go on adventures! I love this card. It's the most romantic of the bunch, but the typography stops it being sappy. Now go on, go be adventurers. It's $4.50 from Fifi du Vie and it'll cost $3 in shipping.


  1. lovely lovely lovely.... just got to decide on the right person to send them to!

  2. LOVE all of these. There was a great website that had images you could download for V-day including one that said 'I hope bears don't maul your face cos I think you're cute'. I must find it! x
    ps- my boyfriend got me a card from a shop in Whitstable that said 'I love you more than mix tapes'. What a sentiment!

  3. My favourite cards are from Storeyshop on Etsy

    I've bought one this year that says 'I love you more than knitting' which for me is a lot of love :-)


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