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Thursday 27 January 2011

Neuhaus Lady Chefs Collection at Harrods

The Neuhaus Lady Chefs Collection is certainly one of the prettiest boxes of chocolates I've ever seen (thank you to the friendly people at Harrods for trying to woo me, it's totally working). Absolutely perfect for Valentine's prettiness. The pink padded box will no doubt get used again for presents too.

The selection of 9 chocolates (two of each in my box) have been created by lady chefs around the world (including Sluttery favourite Thomasina Miers of Masterchef and Wahaca fame). They've gone with their own style, and the pralines use everything from herbs and nuts to chilli and orange. They're a little bit different. And I wanted to absolutely love every single one. But I can't tell which is which.

As is often the way with posh chocolates, raspberry is a feature. I have to double check this as I have a berry allergy. I couldn't honestly tell you, after studying the guide very closely which chocolates belonged to which chef. The chocolates are all printed with swirly writing in different colours (pretty little details like that make me very happy), but even with each chef having their initials on them, it's unclear which belongs to each chef. Chocolate roulette isn't as fun as it sounds.

The other issue is that I can't really taste the difference between them. That's not to say that they're not tasty. Oh no. I've polished off most of the box. But they're subtle. A hint of chilli really means just that. I guess I'm used to something with a bit more of a kick. A lot of the chocolates are herb and spice-based but as I couldn't tell which they were, I couldn't distinguish the flavours very easily.

I wanted to like these so much. And I'm very nearly won over by their plus points. The box is a treat, the idea behind them is great and the chocolates are the prettiest I've seen. But I was left bit confused and perhaps need my chocolates to have a stronger taste to them. But if you like all things subtle and pretty (horses for courses and all that), you can buy these for £30 from Harrods. And make sure you check out the rest of their chocolate range too.

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