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Thursday 20 January 2011

Life's a Carousel: Merry-Go-Round earrings

Peer closely at my earlobes and you'll notice that they are unpierced. It's not really an aesthetic decision, more a combination of fear, laziness and trying to avoid another shopping temptation that will suck up my cash. Though I don't have pierced ears I spend an awful lot of time looking for pairs, looking for the ultimate design that will finally spur me into making the move. This Merry-Go-Round pair has got me awfully close to popping into Claire's Accessories and doing the deed (do they pierce many 30-year-olds I wonder?).

Designed by Taiwan-based Haoshi, they're made in the form of horses on traditional fairground carousel. Like the carousel, where the model horses move up and down as it turns, I like the fact that the two earring are different lengths. And there's such lovely detailing on the horses too, a perfect reminder of all the fun of the fair.

My stalling point is the price - at £38 from Boticca they definitely fall into the "you don't need anything else to spend your money on" side of the "to pierce or not to pierce" argument. But boy, they make it a close call.

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  1. Those are amazing. I love carousels and am absolutely going to buy them! Pierce the ears, you know you want to...


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