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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Dream Dress: Fever at BrandAlley

My inbox is currently a flurry of deals and discounts and free things. It's sometimes hard to tell which deals are worthwhile and which emails I should pay attention to. But BrandAlley is one that I do pay attention to. Actually, BrandAlley do sales better than anyone. At the end of last year I bought a designer leather handbag reduced to £30. Currently they've got a Fever sale going on, where you can pick up these lovely frocks with an 80% discount.

This black pencil dress will look fabulous on. Fever do excellent pencil dresses. It's only £19.

This stunning pixel dress is now just £13. It's beautiful and I might even dig about in my penny jar and beat you to it.

This black dress is simple and pretty, and just £15. Love the sweetheart neckline. If you're worried about your size being sold out, BrandAlley will tell you how many they've got left.

We gave the black version of this Escala dress away last Christmas, and now it's just £19. But I've got my eye on this red one too. You can also buy this pretty dress I wrote about earlier this month.

You have to sign up to BrandAlley (pretty simple, you just use your email address). But don't expect your purchases in a hurry, they can take up to a month to arrive (it makes them cheaper, they're all sent out in bulk). But then they arrive when you've forgotten about them and that's a nice surprise. You can also see which sales are coming up in advance so make sure you check for your favourite brands. Now I'm off to buy some new dresses.

Thanks to BrandAlley for giving me a voucher to buy my handbag. I will use it wisely.


  1. I love Brandalley, they've been an unexpected source to feed my addiction to Fever dresses. I bought two in the sale they had before Christmas and in this sale I bought the Kingsley dress. It was £19 and it's still £70 from Fever - what a STEAL! And, like you, I don't mind the wait. By the time it arrives I'll have forgotten about it so it'll be like someone has sent me a sexy dress as a surprise present. Happy days :D

  2. Roisin, I'm a 14 - 16 and not sure which size to get - are they small-made or just normal? I want to get the right one!

  3. Rachel, Fever dresses fit well, but they tend to come up *slightly* small on the bust. Hope that helps!

  4. Loving the bit of the site that tells you how many dresses they have left. Accidentally bought some dresses, a bit (aka deliberately because they are so pretty) and shall look forward to my surprise next month!

    Incidentally, as a cautionary tale, I bought some shoes from the Office sale and they are taking AAaages to get here.

  5. We sell fever in our shop and recommend that if it's a stretchy fabric they're pretty true to size, but if it's tailored then go up one. The Ruby Belle (e.g. the Pixel) tend to come up small too.

    Hope this helps!

  6. IrrepressibleRed25 January 2011 at 12:53

    You guys are so NAUGHTY for telling us about this! A dress and that amazing double breasted cardigan bought, and I got them mostly cause I love getting packages of lovely through the post!

  7. Hehe! Sorry! We can't keep things like this to ourselves!

  8. I'm being tempted by oh so many lovely things this week!! Have just bought the black dress. Always handy to have for lots of events. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :)


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