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Wednesday 3 June 2009

The Cupcake Carrier Conundrum

When lovely Twitter follower 1Mgoldstars asked Domestic Sluttery to find her a cupcake carrier, I shared her pain. You do lovely things and bake all of your work colleagues bribes treats and then they get squished on the journey in. Cupcakes are pretty big thing in America but they're are poorly catered for in the UK. Cupcake carriers are not easy to find! Unless you want to get them shipped over. BUT! We discovered some lovely carriers at the extensively monikered Cookies Cakes and Craft Shop.

This carrier has space for 36 cupcakes! Yay! Lots of carrying space! It's £34.99.

This carry-kit is a little different. It's got interchangeable shelves so if you bake mini cupcakes one day and then a large cake the next, you don't need a separate carrier for each of your bakey whims. It's only £23.48 so it's my pick of the bunch.
Want to give little cupcake presents to people? This little box is only £3.50. Sure, it's a one use only thing, but it's pretty isn't it?

Hopefully these will mean you make lovely treats for all of your firends. And us. Come and bring us non-squished cupcakes.

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  1. Ooh thanks. I've been looking for carriers too.

  2. I have got the 3-in-1 caddy and can definitely recommend it. Have used it for both cupcakes and larger cakes.

  3. Brilliant! I'm so pleased they're as good as they look.

  4. These are brilliant! No more squished cupcakes - hurrah :-)

  5. Irish ex-pat in US here. yes - Americans call them cupcakes. Witness uncomprehending fear and surprise when I offered my buns for the next office party...ahum...then nervous grins when I offered to decorate with hundreds and thousands...

  6. cake caddy is fabulous....but I bought mine at only £20.99 at - great for carrying cakes to parties :o)

  7. Oooh that shop is fabulous! And a wee bit cheaper too!

    Great find, anon! Thanks for the tip!

  8. Teapot! I need a teapot that isn't too twee but not too outlandish.

    If Domestic Sluttery could find me a teapot like that for under £20 I would be very pleased indeed :-)


  9. Hey Alex!

    Then off we go to write a teapot post. Don't know why we didn't think of that before...


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