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Friday 5 June 2009

Nice or Naff? Cushion dilemma

Earlier this week I extolled the virtues of the credit-crunchingly brilliant Dunelm Mill. But, one of my recent discoveries has been bothering me.

I can't decide if this cushion is really ace and boudoir-tastic or if it's really really rather naff, horrible and ugly. What do you reckon?

I can picture it in the boudoir of someone like Barbara Cartland.....but, is that a good, or a bad thing readers?

1 comment:

  1. Barbara Cartland...

    ...or Me.

    Thing is, this range is in every bargain homeware store now, I'd worry everyone would know my secret. I do already have *quite* a lot from Dunelm. Including, strangely, my sewing machine!


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