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Friday 5 June 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Mums Who Bake

A comment on our cupcake carrier post led us to this Mums Who Bake. Not only are they stocking cupcake carriers cheaper than the ones we found, but they've got heaps of other excellent baking things too! Like this little lot:

Always wanted to make those recipes you find on American sites? Well then you need this. You really do. No kitchen should be without one.

Look! Spring cookie cutters! Sure, the have an Eastery feel to them, but cookies shaped like bunnies are always going to taste better than cookies not shaped like bunnies. Them's the rules.

This apron is a steal at £17.99!

The rest of the site is fun too, you'll find lots of lovely recipes, and forums for you to chat and ask baking questions. Great website. Thanks to whoever it was who left the anonymous tip off!

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  1. I'm a mum! AND I bake! And this is my new favourite site! I foresee a weekend of happy baking ahead!


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